Internationally Recognized As An Innovator

Young-Woman-orange-shirtHoly Angels offers our residents a variety of programs and services that allows each individual the opportunities to achieve their potential – what they are fully able to achieve – and enjoy the highest quality of living in an environment of loving and learning.

Internationally recognized as an innovator, we have worked diligently to create, develop, support and fund a variety of specialized and successful programs and services for infants to older adults including: residential living, day services, supported employment opportunities, medical services, physical therapy, special education and habilitation services, creative arts, speech therapy, recreation, spiritual opportunities and family support services through social work.

Due to the varied medical needs and delicate conditions of many of our residents, Holy Angels places tremendous emphasis on providing expert medical care. In addition to employing approximately 300 employees, our organization also contracts with several consultants including medical, dental and nutritional professionals. All programs and services are coordinated by an interdisciplinary team who develops an individualized plan for each resident and works to ensure that each is receiving the programs and services necessary to meet his or her particular needs.


From preventative medicine to acute care interventions for our residents with delicate medical conditions, our nursing staff includes registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and trained technicians who administer to the needs of our residents throughout their lives. This includes: medication administration; resident assessments and screening; development of treatment plans and coordination of care with physicians, therapists and other caregivers; and use of specialized equipment needed by residents throughout our facilities.

Physical Therapy

Eduardo walkingPhysical therapy is an integral part of each resident’s activities of daily living and help to ensure the safety and overall health of our residents. Licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina, all therapists in the department work closely with members of the interdisciplinary team to provide such services as spa therapy, splinting, positioning on adaptive equipment, and one-on-one therapy to promote independence. Orthopedic clinics are coordinated with physicians from Charlotte and Gastonia.

Special Education, Habilitation & Speech Therapy

Our Special Education Staff addresses the complex needs of our Holy Angels students through consultation and support from clinicians in the areas of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, speech and language pathology, social work and dietary/nutrition. Due to our excellent working relationship with local special education agencies, Holy Angels residents from ages three to twenty-one continue their studies in a supportive and collaborative residential environment.

Being able to communicate is one of the most basic human needs. Because the majority of individuals served at Holy Angels have little or no verbal communication skills, communication therapy plays an integral role in ensuring the quality of life of our residents. Holy Angels’ certified Speech-Language Pathologist provides evaluation and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders for the residents of Holy Angels, and directs our support professionals in daily communication programming, goal-setting and protocols. Innovative treatments may include individual, group and consultative therapy as needed to help residents fully develop their functional communication skills. Non-traditional methods may include computers, tablets and adaptive communication devices to enhance each individual’s ability to communicate.

Because we have a large number of students showing deficits in sensory perception and processing, we also provide special training and learning opportunities involving sensory stimulation. Additionally, several Holy Angels residents attend school in a regular public school setting.

Social, Cultural & Spiritual Growth

Young-woman-pink-shirtFrom field trips to a variety of local attractions to shopping at the mall, Holy Angels residents participate in a variety of social functions and community outings. Not only do these activities help to develop the social skills of our residents, but create unique learning opportunities between residents and community members that lead to supportive and mutually beneficial relationships. Whether it’s exploring and developing hidden talents or experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done in a supervised employment setting, our residents are encouraged and empowered to grow outside of themselves and enjoy life.

Inspired by our history with the Sisters of Mercy, Holy Angels is committed to providing opportunities for Spiritual Growth for our residents, their families, our staff and volunteers. Serving a diverse faith community, we offer Chaplain Services, Sunday prayer services, memorial services, and one-on-one spiritual guidance and grief counseling. Each day, we celebrate Mercy Moments, those special moments that capture the heart of Holy Angels and the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy. An annual highlight, our residents perform their own unique and inspiring telling of the Nativity during Christmas Mass.