Empowered To Grow And Enjoy

Holy Angels recognizes and celebrates the importance of fun and joy in the lives of our residents. Whether it’s developing hidden talents or experiencing the great outdoors, our residents are encouraged and empowered to grow outside of themselves and enjoy life through a wide variety of social and cultural experiences, and Recreation & Creative Arts therapies.

To ensure a variety of enjoyable learning opportunities for our residents, Holy Angels employs on-staff creative arts therapists to guide, develop and instruct a variety of recreation activities and creative arts therapies geared toward the creative development and enjoyment of our residents.

Gardening-small-tomatoes-sideHorticulture Therapy Program

Located on our main campus, stands a large greenhouse and organic garden: the primary space for our Horticulture Therapy Program. Residents use adapted hand shovels and other special instruments to work in the soil, care for plants and engage their senses and creativity through gardening in an outdoor setting. Using raised beds to produce higher yields of fruits and vegetables – requiring less soil, water and maintenance – the organic gardens can be planted for all four seasons yielding year-round produce, including cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and other foods used on menus in some of our facilities and at Cherubs Café.

For higher functioning individuals, the greenhouse also allows residents to develop important vocational skills and teamwork. A nearby pond with a fountain further stimulates with sights and sounds.

Snoezelen Rooms

Sweet aromas. Colorful visions. Interesting touches. Stimulating sounds. Several Snoezelen Rooms (pronounced snooze-uh-lin) located throughout our campus offer a truly unique sensory stimulation area, including: a massage chair, massage table, bubble tubes with changing colors, aromatherapy, tactile boards, mirrors, colorful wall kaleidoscopes and more. The rooms provide residents with an inviting and engaging place to spend time with staff, volunteers and family, and to receive therapy or explore activities on their own.

Man-playing-keyboardMusic & Dance

The Leonard Music Program, named in memory of Don Leonard and in honor of Lynn Leonard, is an innovative music therapy program that includes many opportunities for our residents to express themselves creatively using simple instruments and innovative tools to help improve cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills. The Sound Beam, an award-winning device that converts body, hand or arm movements into digitally generated sound, allows residents to hear and produce their own music through movement and interaction. The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) is a cutting-edge music therapy that integrates drums and percussion instruments as creative learning tools that address life skills and enhance the mind, body and spirit.

The Holy Angels Dance Troupe offers a unique opportunity for residents to have fun, exercise, learn new skills, perform for others and enjoy themselves through dance. Dancers live in the Community Group Homes and learn a variety of dance techniques, including ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical routines. The troupe performs at the Holy Angels Christmas liturgy, the annual spring recital and other community venues by special request. Each event is a big hit, and often remarkably moving to those who witness the dancers’ performances.

Visual Arts Therapy

When presented the opportunity to create art, our residents’ creative spirits are awakened. Using hand-over-hand techniques where staff members or volunteers place their hand over the resident’s, each individual creates their own artwork and make individualized choices in color, medium or textures. Integrated with communication therapy, residents enjoy creating beautiful works of art and visual expression.

Boating-BoyCamp Hope

Camp Hope is a unique recreational facility located on the South Fork River, providing the perfect setting for exploration, physical activity, stimulation, relaxation, fun – and hope. From fishing and boating to picnics and wheelchair accessible nature walks, Camp Hope offers a breath of fresh air for our residents.

Push Place

Completed in partnership with Push America, Push Place is a covered outdoor shelter on the main campus of Holy Angels used for parties, concerts and outdoor fun. With handicapped-accessible swings and gliders, it’s the perfect setting to develop friendships and social skills – as well as just plain fun.

Dennis Kuhn in cleric robesGarden Of Angels

Designed by the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and dedicated in loving memory of Holy Angels co-founders Mother Mary Benignus Hoban and Sister Marie Patrice Manley, the Garden of Angels contains a variety of beautiful blooming plants and a peaceful fountain. The garden area serves as a beautiful and creative place of solace, quiet reflection and contemplation for residents, staff, volunteers and families.

Spiritual Growth

Inspired by our history with the Sisters of Mercy, Holy Angels is committed to providing opportunities for spiritual growth for residents, their families, staff and volunteers. Serving a diverse faith community, we offer Chaplain Services, Sunday prayer services, memorial services and one-on-one spiritual guidance and grief counseling. Each day, we celebrate Mercy Moments, those special moments that capture the heart of Holy Angels and the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy. An annual highlight, our residents perform their own unique and inspiring telling of the Nativity during Christmas Mass.