Group Tours

Pride-in-Gaston-2As a part of our ministry to educate, instruct and create awareness of Holy Angels and the needs and abilities of the individuals who live here. We offer tours of our facilities to meet the residents and staff at certain times throughout the year. Each tour offers a first-hand account of the abilities of our residents, as well as of our dynamic staff and programs.

All tours and group visits are coordinated and hosted by a member of our staff and can be customized based on the needs and interests of the group (academic educators, internships, clinician interview, business organization, etc.).

Pride In Gaston County School Tours

Building community and developing understanding, empathy and compassion begins at an early age. To further the education of children in our community with regard to individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and delicate medical conditions, Holy Angels offers a unique learning opportunity with the Gaston County School District called Gaston Together.

More than 3,500 students from around the county have visited the Holy Angels campus, toured our facilities, learned about adaptive and sensory equipment, and interacted with our Holy Angels students, residents and staff. Students not only learn about the challenges and obstacles that face our residents, they gain a better understanding of the need for a loving, learning and empowered living environment that we strive to provide at Holy Angels and throughout our entire community.

It is also our hope that children will benefit long-term from the important lessons learned about embracing others with different abilities – and being of service to your neighbors.

To Schedule Tours

If you would like to schedule a tour, or have someone speak to your group about Holy Angels, please click here or contact our administrative offices at 704.825.4161

Please note: Because the health and safety of our residents is our utmost priority, Holy Angels does not generally accommodate tours during the cold and flu season (November – March). Children under the age of six are not included in tours due to infectious childhood illnesses and our need to protect our residents who have delicate medical conditions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.