A Father's Journey To Holy Angels

Harry and his family, 2018

Harry and his family, 2018

Harry’s life became quite difficult after the  birth of his daughter, Bhoomi.  His wife had become severely ill and as a result, he had to quit his job to take care of both his wife, Bhoomi and his other two children.

After Bhoomi’s mother passed, Harry had to continue to stay out of work due to Bhoomi’s complex medical needs.  At some point, he realized he couldn't do it all. He needed help. He reached out to the school system and they reached out to Holy Angels.

Harry's journey to get Bhoomi to Holy Angels was not an easy one, but Harry knew this is where she needed to be.

Bhoomi entered Holy Angels only weighing 33 pounds.  After three years of loving care, Harry says his daughter is “happy and beautiful – she is an angel!”  Bhoomi now can sit up on her own, maneuver her wheelchair and loves bouncing on a therapy ball during music therapy.

“I believe all she has become is because of Holy Angels,”  said Harry.

We are all on this journey called life together - reaching out to help one another along the way showing love, compassion and support.  We thank you, our donors, for your support and prayers allow miracles like Bhoomi’s to happen every day. Harry joins me in asking you today to join us on our journey of making a difference in all our resident’s lives by making a gift in honor or in memory of someone who has influenced your journey in life – your mother, your father, your children, a friend or teacher.  Your gift will help our residents find joy in their journeys!