Meet Beautiful Bhoomi

 "She's in heaven..."

"She's in heaven..."

“She’s in Heaven…”  These were Harry’s first words when asked how he feels about his daughter living at Holy Angels.  The journey getting to Holy Angels was a difficult one, but Harry is certain his daughter Bhoomi is lucky, “I believe all she has become is because of Holy Angels.”

Bhoomi’s mother became severely ill after her birth and Harry had to quit his job to take care of both his wife and daughter.  “It was the worst life – taking care of Bhoomi in one room and my wife in another and trying to be a father to our other two children.”  Once Bhoomi’s mother passed away, Harry still found himself unable to work because of Bhoomi’s complex medical needs.  He went to the school system for help and they called Holy Angels.

After three years of loving care, Harry says his daughter is “happy and beautiful – she is an angel! “  Bhoomi can sit up on her own, can maneuver her wheelchair, and loves to eat. 

As a parent, we want to believe that we can help our children with their needs, but sometimes life’s circumstances and the needs are too great.  “Holy Angels helped me when no one else in life could…there are no words to truly express my gratitude” Harry feels.  His sister, Dena shared her heart, “Our family is very, very grateful – the people at Holy Angels are angels for what they do.”

Thank you to our donors, your support helps give fathers like Harry hope.

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