Meet Nora, One Of Our Littlest Angels

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"

Nora’s grandmother Kelly affectionately calls her “Shine” referencing the song she would sing her granddaughter each day, “You are my Sunshine”. Kelly will tell you that her number one goal in life is to give her Shine the best life possible and she feels through the love of Holy Angels she has done just that. Since coming to live at Holy Angels last February, Nora can now walk with the assistance of a walker and is even saying “yes” and “no” with the encouragement of her speech therapist. All the angels at Holy Angels shine brightly because of our donor’s prayers and financial support, but our littlest angels, those under the age of three, at this time receive no funding. It is our hope that through the generosity and support of our friends, all our angels will be guaranteed a place to call home and shine brightly for years to come.

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Meet Our Friend Jack

Jack loves listening to music on his headphones

Holy Angels is a shining example of the power of the human spirit - what happens on a daily basis at Holy Angels only serves to inspire others to live better and more fully. Those who work at Holy Angels are ordinary folks moved to extraordinary goodness with the ability to always see potential
— Rowena Barker, Jack's mom

Wouldn’t life be magnificent if every day was Christmas? That is exactly what Jack thinks – each day is a celebration of his favorite holiday as he listens to his beloved carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas”. His Mother, Rowena, says Jack’s face is truly transformed as he sees the lights and decorations that go up around Holy Angels in mid-November getting ready for the holiday season. We invite you to read more about our very special Angel Spotlight – Jack!

Jack was born in Charlotte and med-aired to Boston Children’s Hospital 18 years ago. His largest challenge at birth was a serious heart defect that has required multiple open heart surgeries. Jack also struggles with communication as he is legally deaf and blind. Jack lived at home until he was 12 where his mother cared for him. It wasn’t until his mother had her own major health scare that the family realized they didn’t have a “Plan B” for their son. They quickly realized they needed care they could depend on – even if they could not provide it themselves.

Jack came to live at Holy Angels and quickly thrived in the music therapy program. He even began taking private piano lessons from his therapist – playing by ear although legally deaf! Jack has already lost 100% of his vision in his left eye and the process of diminishing vision in his right is occurring. Holy Angels is used to challenges with each of our residents to help them overcome their individual challenges. Our staff adds braille to weekly letters his mother writes her son. Jack traces the braille words as he hears the spoken words from his mother to practice his developing understanding of braille. He has responded beautifully!

Rowena says Jack is mercifully “woven into the tapestry of Holy Angels”. Jack thrives off of routine and he loves the predictability here. To Jack’s family, Holy Angels is truly a home for their son. His mother still takes Jack to all his doctor appointments and their family even moved to Gaston County to be closer to him. Jack recently walked the “red carpet” at the Sandbox Prom in downtown Charlotte and hit the ceremonial first drive at our 24th Annual Carolina Classic golf tournament. It was a precious Mercy Moment watching father and son drive off on a golf cart to say hello to all the golfers.

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