Offering Opportunities To Achieve Their Fullest Potential

Holy Angels places tremendous emphasis on providing expert medical care. In addition to employing approximately 350 employees, our organization also contracts with several consultants including medical, dental and nutritional professionals. All programs and services are coordinated by an interdisciplinary team who develops an individualized plan for each resident and works to ensure that each is receiving the programs and services necessary to meet his or her particular needs.

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Programs and Services

We have worked diligently to create, develop, support and fund a variety of specialized and successful programs and services for infants to older adults including: residential living, day services, supported employment opportunities, medical services, physical therapy, special education and habilitation services, creative arts, speech therapy, recreation, spiritual opportunities and family support services through social work.

Creative Arts at Holy Angels

To ensure a variety of enjoyable learning opportunities for our residents, Holy Angels employs on-staff creative arts therapists to guide, develop and instruct a variety of recreation activities and creative arts therapies geared toward the creative development and enjoyment of our residents.

Holy Angels recognizes and celebrates the importance of fun and joy in the lives of our residents. Whether it’s developing hidden talents or experiencing the great outdoors, our residents are encouraged and empowered to grow outside of themselves and enjoy life through a wide variety of social and cultural experiences, and Recreation & Creative Arts therapies.

Therapeutic Services

Holy Angels offers our residents a variety of therapeutic services that allows each individual the opportunities to achieve their potential – what they are fully able to achieve – and enjoy the highest quality of living in an environment of loving and learning.